At The Hairdressers​.​.​.

from by Pagan Wanderer Lu



Can you see him in this picture?
That's my husband that's my Victor
When I last saw him in our kitchen
He said he was off to see his sister
And I cannot bear to think why he was in that part of town
Cos Everybody knows that's where loose women hang around

Now I'm here at the hairdressers
and I'm blubbing to a stranger
About a picture in the paper
and I think that there's a danger
That I'll just shave all my hair off and have a nervous breakdown
You think that you know someone then they go and let you down

My hair has seen better days
I feel so stupid
He kept saying he was working late
And I believed him

So she passes me this picture
of her husband of her Victor
I see now it's an obituary
Loving father spouse of Mary
Witnesses describe a group departing from the scene
Four young lads just noticed as of ethnic origin

And I feel strangely indifferent
to this hack-job description
Of another tragic victim
Of our failing social system
And I know exactly why they found him in that part of town
It was right on that street corner that I used to hang around

Oh Victor you should be ashamed
How could you do this?
You bought a house to settle down and procreate
What happened to it?

Is it wrong to think?
That this could be
a blessing in diguise
The Eulogy
I must compose
must now consist of lies

My hair has seen better days
I feel so stupid
He kept saying he was working late
And I believed him

So I pick up my Victor
From his babysitter
And I drive past the corner
see the floral tributes
To a well respected member of our small community
And though tongues will wag no one will state it quite explicitly

That he was just pathetic
and I don't regeret it
That I never said a thing
I never spilled the beans
To anyone who'd pass it on to Mary and I'm glad
But I still won't know what to say when Victor asks me about his dad...


from Build Library Here (or else​!​), released April 1, 2005



all rights reserved


Pagan Wanderer Lu Cardiff, UK

Electronica fuelled indiepop from South Wales.

Now recording and releasing as Andrew Paul Regan

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