God in his wisdom and compassion spares the Mona Lisa from being engulfed by the dying sun

from by Pagan Wanderer Lu



My personal favourite song from 'European Monsoon'.


If there is no God's eye view
Then there is no objective truth
there's no right and no wrong
no good or bad songs
just how long things endure

Preserve myself for posterity
like Mt Vesuvius did to Pompeii
a few hundred megabytes in iTunes no one will ever listen to....

We build monuments to ourselves
places for pigeons to roost forever
and we pass on our genes but it won't mean a thing
when the earth falls into the sun
and everything you've ever done is gone

And if the universe is the wider context
what will become of the Mona Lisa
Will it turn out the impending heat death
wipes a smile from off her face?
And if the universe is the wider context
pray for the great pyramid at Giza
will all the pharaohs attempts to cheat death
be any match for entropy?

Do you ever feel that your life has been
all destination with no journey?
tomorrow's a dream
but you live like it's reality

There is no real you
distinct from what you do
If you act like a dick then you are a dick
and that's it

Pickle your brain in a jar forever
Like Thomas Stoltz Harvey did to Einstein
Pray science finds a way to resurrect you one day
before the earth falls into the sun
and see if all the stuff you've done lives on....

and if the universe is the wider context
follow the lead of the tower of Pisa
no one will care about soil subsidence
when the universe is gone....


from European Monsoon, track released June 14, 2010
written by Andy Regan



all rights reserved


Pagan Wanderer Lu Cardiff, UK

Electronica fuelled indiepop from South Wales.

Now recording and releasing as Andrew Paul Regan www.andrewpaulregan.co.uk

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