I'm sick of playing solo
I'm out of the game
I'm not a virtuoso
I'm not looking for fame
I need the gaps to be filled in
I miss the pound of the drums
But I just can't play them
I need other musicians

Cos I don't wanna drop dead and be an undiscovered great
And have my fanbase be subjected to those fucking awful tapes
That I made when I was fifteen just to satisfy demand
for some new unheard material I really need a band

And with a wash of keyboards
The thud of the bass
all nicely understated
every note in its place
I'm sick of playing solo
I wanna make some noise
after a perfect chorus
I'd say "Take it away boys!"
(erm... fuck)

It be nice to feel my stuff was getting recognised for real
Like that headline gig in Brighton where I almost met John Peel
I don't just wanna be some quirky guy you saw once in the Bay
I wanna see my self-made EPs fetch a packet on eBay

But it's not gonna happen
unless I get me a band
A bunch of decent musicians
who all think I'm the man
It's not a case of ego
okay well maybe it is
I've just been playing solo
for nearly five years

And I don't wanna get on stage and say "here's one the drummer wrote"
or get some guy who thinks he Hendrix but can't really play a note
stick his foot up on the monitor and bore the crowd to tears
with an improvised performance that will feel like it lasts years

"Check out my guitar solo"


from Build Library Here (or else​!​), released April 1, 2005



all rights reserved


Pagan Wanderer Lu Cardiff, UK

Electronica fuelled indiepop from South Wales.

Now recording and releasing as Andrew Paul Regan www.andrewpaulregan.co.uk

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