The Great British Public Becomes Self​-​Aware

from by Pagan Wanderer Lu



Like magpies with gold cards we buy
Intelligently designed
by the gods of commerce
To spend until it hurts

Ruled out Yahweh with a telescope
And with him any hope
of an afterlife
so spend as if you're never going to die

This used to be a great country
but we had to rob a lot of people to get there
and there's always a danger
that the great British public will become self-aware

Use drama alone to decide
the battles we should fight
road safety facts
don't bump terrorist attacks

And we lose more jobs to ignorance
than we ever will to immigrants
how does electric work?
It’s just planets in the wires

If they replace manual workers with robots
and replace office workers with software
it wouldn't lessen the danger
that the great british public would become self aware

There's nothing splendid about isolation
there's no closed systems in this world
there's no such thing as too much information
it's what you don't know that can hurt
the feudal system funds terrorism
and so do pirate dvds
we fought fascists
now there's a danger
let's not elect some out of fear


from European Monsoon, released June 14, 2010
written by Andy Regan



all rights reserved


Pagan Wanderer Lu Cardiff, UK

Electronica fuelled indiepop from South Wales.

Now recording and releasing as Andrew Paul Regan

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